Tips for Logically Organizing Your Stuff

Tips for Logically Organizing Your Stuff

Tips for Logically Organizing Your Stuff

What do you mean “logically organizing”?

Well, I think we would all imagine that our toothbrushes should be stored in the bathroom, and our pots in the kitchen. But logical organizing goes beyond that.


Tips for Logically Organizing Your Stuff


  1. Put your coffee, tea, and coffee filters in the same cabinet, and place your coffee maker and teakettle next to, above, or on that space.
  2. Organize your pots, pans, and skillets in the same cabinet, near the stove.
  3. Keep your plastic storage containers in the same cabinet, and organize by size.
  4. Place your glasses on the bottom shelf above/next to your sink, and your coffee mugs on the above shelf.
  5. Place all of your travel mugs on the very top shelf near the sink.
  6. Keep all of your alcoholic beverage glasses in the same cabinet/shelf, farther from the sink.
  7. Use dividers to keep your cutlery and special silver wear separate.

Bamboo Cutlery Tray


  1. Split the shelves for each person, if you want to keep things separate …or…
  2. Place all of the toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash on the same shelf.
  3. Keep the face washes, lotions, and deodorants on the next shelf.
  4. Store your medication, bandages, thermometer, and medicinal lotions on the same shelf.
  5. Separate your combs, brushes, and hair supplies from makeup.



  1. Pens, highlighters, permanent markers should all be together, but visibly separate.
  2. Cords should be wrangled and organized in the same drawer.
  3. Paper can be kept in file folders in a file cabinet, organized by color or style.
  4. USB drives, external hard drives, and storage devices should be in the same drawer.



  1. Organize your jewelry by casual and formal.
  2. Black and white socks should be in separate drawers, or divided.
  3. One drawer for pajamas, one drawer for t-shirts and undershirts, one drawer for sweaters, one drawer for underwear.
  4. Don’t organize your closet by color, but first by season, type, and then color (e.g.: fall>sweaters>button down>ROYGBIV).


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