How to Not Lose It During a Remodel

How to Not Lose It During a Remodel

How to Not Lose It During a Remodel

May and June. Aside from Thanksgiving – New Years, May and June have got to be the busiest months of the year. Graduations, vacations, new jobs, DIY projects—the list goes on. Why is it that everything in life always happens all at the same time?


My husband and I are moving into a starter home, and there’s plenty of cleaning, painting, fixing, and remodeling to be done. Thankfully, the major projects are taken care of by our contractor, but the little things are on us. And those little things add up.


In the midst of cleaning and fixing up an old house before we move at the end of the month, we were studying for graduate school exams, attending an out-of-town wedding, and planning a senior prom (while working full time).


How do you not lose it during a remodel?


  1. Lists are your friends. Lists are always your friends when you’ve got a deadline. It’s important to figure out your priorities: what can wait till you move in and what needs to be finished before you start living in your new place? I’d prefer vents to be cleaned out and the walls to be painted. The kitchen sink and cabinets installed would be nice, too. But all the outdoor stuff? That can wait. Start with a chronological list of what needs to be done and when.
  2. Put those projects and their deadlines on your calendar. Google Calendar is a life-saver. If you don’t use Google Calendar, it’s time to start. Or if you prefer a real-life paper calendar, that works too. Either way, it’s helpful to be able to see your month at once. Writing a project down on a date also motivates you to commit to it and finish it on or around that date.
  3. Hire when necessary. If you can do something yourself and save the money you’d spend hiring a professional, that’s a bonus. But there are just some things you shouldn’t do yourself, and spending money hiring someone is totally worth it. Make a list of projects you’re willing to tackle yourself and a list of projects you’ll need to hire a professional.
  4. Let people know you’ll be MIA for a bit, but don’t totally disappear. It’s important to let people know that you’re busy and it’s important. But don’t miss out on life just because you’re remodeling. Carve out at least one event per weekend to attend. Life is now.
  5. Take a deep breath and remember that it will get done. Eventually. Hopefully. I really hope so. Oh man…


And crack open a beer. It’s summer.


Here are some photos of our kitchen, before and during. I’ll be posting before and after photos in July.


Kitchen before: 1970’s vomitted all over the place…





During: a total gut…

IMG_2886 (1) IMG_2885 (1)


Slowly, but surely…


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