Help Your Husband Out: A Simple Way For Him To Stay Clean & Stylish

Help Your Husband Out: A Simple Way For Him To Stay Clean & Stylish

Help Your Husband Out: A Simple Way For Him To Stay Clean & Stylish


Socks stuffed under the couch cushions. Pants peeking from under the bed. Dress shirts strewn across the floor.


Sniff, sniff. Is it clean? It’s certainly wrinkled. Should I wash this shirt? Could I wear it another day?


If this sounds familiar, maybe your husband (or you) needs some help distinguishing between dirty and clean clothes. Perhaps he wore his white dress shirt once and it smells just slightly like deodorant—it’s fine to wear again on a day he won’t be hugging anyone. What’s the easiest way for your guy (or you) to stay clean and stylish every day?



Just flip that hanger around.



This tip comes from my lovely friend living in Northern California. She gave me the brilliant idea of simply turning around the hanger of a once-worn article of clothing. This way, your husband (or you) knows that something has been worn once—so it’s not fresh and clean—but doesn’t need to be washed yet.


Why does this matter?

If I can, I like to wear my shirts and pants a few times before I wash them to make them last longer and to be more environmentally conscious. Some things (like underwear and socks) should be washed after one wear (I think we all know this…). Other articles of clothing, like dress shirts and pants or jeans, don’t need to be washed after each wear. However, it’s nice to know what’s been worn once or twice before you decide to wear it at your family reunion in the desert. On the other hand, if you’re going to a quick meeting, or just chilling in the office all day, a slightly smelly shirt might not be a problem.


A Quick Way to Differentiate Between Fresh & Clean and Worn Once & Slightly Smelly


  1. Start by facing all your hangers the same direction in your closet.
  2. Then, if you wear an article of clothing, flip the hanger the opposite direction.

Facing forward: clean

Facing backward: worn




Now, how to get him to actually hang up his clothes after taking them off? I’m still working on that!



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