Why Being Organized Allows You To Live a More Meaningful Life

Why Being Organized Allows You To Live a More Meaningful Life

Why Being Organized Allows You To Live a More Meaningful Life

You might think it seems silly to preach about being organized, or getting rid of clutter, or creating a daily routine. You might think it seems boring to plan out weekly meals, or have designated areas where things should be returned. You might think I appear to be a Type-A, anal-retentive perfectionist to write about the virtue of being organized.


You’re right about all of those things, and I’m proud of it!


That’s because there is meaning behind the order.


Would you believe me if I told you that by being organized, you can have more fun? By planning, you can be more spontaneous? By following a routine, you can be more flexible?


Those statements might be contradictions, but they are all true.


I’ll tell you why: by being organized, following a routine, living in an uncluttered, neat, and tidy home, you will have energy and money to spend your free time having fun!


Think about it: when you live in an environment littered with stuff, you have to spend time looking for that stuff. When you live in an environment where your stuff is in disarray, you have to spend money buy new stuff since you can’t find your old stuff, or it’s been ruined because of neglect. And when you have clutter accumulating in your physical space, you will feel distracted and stressed out, and your mental energy is drained.


When you get rid of the stuff you don’t need, suddenly you realize you have enough. When you organize the stuff you need, you will be able to maintain it, allowing that stuff to last longer. When you don’t have to buy new stuff, you save money. Being organized allows you to save time, money, and mental and physical energy so that you can spend your time, money, and energy on things that actually matter in life, like people and experiences. By being organized, you can live a more meaningful life.


Welcome to Meaningfully Organized. Follow along, and I will help you become more organized, live more simply and frugally, and help you spend your time in more meaningful ways.


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My goal is to help you become more organized so that you can spend your time in meaningful ways.
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