The Many Faces of Organization

The Many Faces of Organization

The Many Faces of Organization

Everybody likes to be organized and everybody needs to be organized. But everybody’s idea of being organized is different.


Some people like color-coded boxes and bins; some people like labeling every item’s designated spot. Some people just don’t have a lot of things, and they can just see what they own—no boxes, labels, or color-coding necessary. And some people might look disorganized, but know exactly where everything is by using their own mysterious system.


If your system is working for you, then it doesn’t matter how you’re organized. Sounds counterintuitive coming from someone who writes about how to be organized, doesn’t it? Not really. If your system isn’t working for you, then you need a new system, and I can show you how my system works for me and others. This is not to be confused with knowing everything or knowing the only way to be organized. All I know is what works for me, and what has worked for other people. So if you’re organizational system works for you, then there is no need to change it.


But if it doesn’t…


I can help you. Through my blog posts or through my professional organization services, I’m here to offer a new way of organizing if your way isn’t serving you.


{Professional Organization Services Coming Soon to the Chicago NW/NW Suburbs!}


Happy Tuesday!



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