Minimalist Fall Decor – Easy Ways to Find, Display & Store

Minimalist Fall Decor – Easy Ways to Find, Display & Store

Ahh, fall. As a child, I loved displaying abundant decorations: witches on broomsticks riding over the moon, ghosts peeking from behind lace curtains, vampires welcoming you into their lair, hairy werewolves inching around the corner, pumpkins with supercilious smiles. And while these images were in fact scary to a child, there was an underlying feeling of comfort and security that coated our bones, because we children knew our parents would keep us safe—safe from those elusive monsters that crept around corners waiting for us. We were frightened just enough to appreciate our parents, but not frightened enough to fear leaving our houses.


And now, as adults we get to spread that festive cheer with each holiday.


But what to do about all the decorations?


My approach is to store each season’s decorations in one box. If it doesn’t fit, I say “SEE YA!”









That doesn’t mean your house can’t be charming each season; it just means you don’t hold on to the decorations. Don’t freak out—I’m not saying you should purchase new décor every season; rather, you can find free stuff all around you to decorate.


  1. USE SEASONAL FRUIT/VEGGIES AS DÉCOR: Last week, my mother-in-law gave me extra squash and pumpkins from her farm share. I’m waiting for the best time to cook them, which means in the meantime, they serve as festive fall decorations. I won’t have to store them for next year.
  2. USE SEASONAL FOLIAGE AS DÉCOR: If you take a walk outside, you can find fallen, turned leaves, acorns, and pinecones. Use those as centerpieces, and compost them at the end of the season.
  3. MAKE CRAFTS, THEN DISPOSE OF THEM: Make crafts with your kids, and then bid them farewell at the end of the season. Learning to let go of things is a good exercise to teach your children; nothing lasts forever, as we note when we witness each changing season.


When you have less, you have less to organize; when you have less to organize, clean, and maintain, you have more time enjoying each holiday season with your loved ones. So, get out there and enjoy a delicious steaming cup of apple cider, munch on a caramel apple, eat some pumpkin pie, and twirl around in the falling leaves. Own less, stay organized, and live meaningfully in the moment.


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