Spring Break Minimalist Carry-On Wardrobe

Spring Break Minimalist Carry-On Wardrobe

Spring Break Minimalist Carry-On Wardrobe

Spring break is finally here (for Chicago Public Schools)! And with spring break comes traveling.


I love traveling, but I am not a fan of lugging around baggage everywhere I go. I’m also not a fan of all the fees associated with airline baggage. So, how can I minimize my stress and maximize my savings while traveling? By organizing a minimalist carry-on wardrobe!


I don’t want to pay hefty fees to check my baggage ($40+). I don’t want to lug my bags around town, or spend precious exploration time digging through my bag to choose an outfit.


I’ve decided to only bring a minimalist wardrobe, focusing on a brown/neutrals theme.


Before I share my wardrobe, here are some tips to packing a stress-free, minimalist carry-on wardrobe:


Tips for minimalist travel

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 7.07.01 PM


2 pairs of pants:

—  Dark jeans

—  Light jeans (which I’ll be wearing on the plane)


3 pairs of shoes:

—  Cognac ankle boot heels

—  Tan, suede ankle cowboy boots (which I’ll be wearing on the plane)

—  Purple Tom’s flats


1 jacket:

—  Jean jacket


2 sweaters:

—  Maroon blazer

—  Tan chunky sweater (which I’ll be wearing on the plane)


5 tops:

—  3 blouses

— 2 t-shirts (one of which I’ll be wearing on the plane)


Socks & delicates



—  Eyeliner

—  Mascara

—  Neutral shimmery eye shadow

—  Eyelash curler

—  Foundation

—  Foundation brush, eyeliner brush

—  Blush + brush



—  Face wash

—  Face lotion

—  Makeup remover pads

—  Toothpaste

—  Toothbrush

—  Floss

—  Eye makeup remover

—  Comb

—  Curling iron (the AirB&B owners have a hairdryer)

—  Deodorant


All of my jewelry I will be wearing on the plane:

—  Gold loop earrings

—  Delicate gold bracelets

—  Long, gold leaf necklaces



Everything fits into a small carryon. And I’ll be bringing my small purse, which has a travel bag of mini makeup and mini toiletries just in case.


Keeping my stuff at a minimum allows for easy organizing, and more time spent exploring.


Happy traveling!






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