Make Your Clothing & Towels Longer With This Simple Trick!

Make Your Clothing & Towels Longer With This Simple Trick!

Make Your Clothing & Towels Longer With This Simple Trick!

First, outer, inner, last. Yes, that’s the method for multiplying binomials; it’s also the method for keeping your clothing and towels fresh and long lasting.


Whenever I put away laundry—whether it’s socks, towels, or t-shirts—I make sure to rotate my duplicates. Just like food inventory, your clothes and towels need to be rotated. Rotating your clothing and towels ensures you’re not using and washing the same towel over and over and over and over … Otherwise, what’s the point in having duplicates? (Hmm… existential moment?)


I don’t know about you, but I like having the same color towels in the bathroom, and when I’m ready to buy a new set of towels, I want them to match in some way (unless the style is Friends/1990’s funky mismatch). If you use the same item over and over, it will eventually crumble before the rest. This will keep you organized.


Another reason to rotate your duplicates is to see if you even need duplicates in the first place. This will keep you decluttered. If you have 60 pairs of white ankle socks and you only use the same 7 over and over, what’s the point in storing the other 53?


The same FOIL rule goes for silverware and cutlery, dishes and glasses. Imagine washing the same wooden spoon so many times it eventually disintegrates to wood chips. Either you need to rotate those wooden spoons or throw out the ten duplicates you don’t use.


If you rotate your stuff, you can ensure they all get the same wear and tear. If you don’t, maybe you don’t need so much stuff in the first place.

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