Letting Go of Letting Go: When to Not Organize

Letting Go of Letting Go: When to Not Organize

Letting Go of Letting Go: When to Not Organize


If you’re a perfectionist, Type-A, hyper-organized person, staying organized and tidy can turn into an obsession. And obsessions can ruin relationships and lives.


Shocking Meaningfully Organized Confession: There are times when being organized really isn’t important at all.



When your child is happily playing with toys that cover every inch of the floor, it doesn’t matter that your home is messy.

When you can’t stick to your weekly routine because there’s been an unexpected family emergency, it doesn’t matter that your hill of laundry is turning into a mountain.

When your partner needs a few hours of your attention and comfort, it doesn’t matter that the dirty dishes are attracting flies.

When your friend shows up at your door unexpectedly because she needs your advice, it’s okay that skip your workout for the day.

When you’re just too tired because it’s been an emotional day, and you need to cry and then go to sleep, cleaning the bathroom can wait.


It’s important to figure out what’s important. In life, we get to decide how and to what we assign meaning. So, while staying organized might be important overall, staying organized isn’t important every moment of every day.


I struggle with knowing how and to what I assign meaning. Some things don’t matter, and some things matter, but not at all times.


As an aspiring mini-minimalist, I abhor clutter and admire owning few things. But it’s also important to let go of letting go. In other words, sometimes I should just hold on to things. Sometimes I should let go of letting go—stop moving and cleaning and tidying and donating—and just relax and be. Some days, it’s okay to throw your feet up, crack open a beer, and watch a movie even though there are many tasks you’ve yet to complete.


Some days, you just have to let go of letting go. There’s always tomorrow. And when you’ve established a habit of staying organized, you will easily jump back into your routine. Tomorrow you will get back into your habits. (Just make sure you don’t say the same thing again tomorrow!)


Let go, and just be.

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