How To Organize Your Dresser Drawers

How To Organize Your Dresser Drawers

How To Organize Your Dresser Drawers

I forgot I owned so many colored t-shirts, tank tops, and long-sleeved shirts until I looked in my drawers today and counted them all.


It’s easy for my shirts and tank tops to get jumbled together in a huge mess inside the black hole that is my dresser. Having too many shirts and tank tops is one problem, but another problem is simply not being able to see all my shirts.


Philosophical question: If you can’t see your clothes, do they exist?


Well, I’m leaning toward yes, they still exist… but when I can’t see an item of clothing I own, I forget I own it, and then feel inclined to go shopping for the same item. That’s a waste of time and money! But wait! It doesn’t have to be this way.


All you have to do is organize your closet and dresser so that you can see each item.


Here are some tips to help you keep your dresser drawers organized:


  1. Mindfully choose which clothing to hang in your closet vs. store in your dresser.
  2. Assign each clothing category its own drawer.
  3. Roll your clothing and line up items instead of folding and piling them.
  4. Make sure you can see each item of clothing.



First of all: dresser or closet? Fold or hang? Which clothes do you hang in your closet, and which do you store away in your dresser drawers?


Personally, I separate my clothes by the following:



—  dresses & skirts

—  formal pants

—  formal tops

—  sweaters

—  delicate tops

—  cardigans

—  jackets

—  coats



—  socks

—  underwear

—  bras

—  t-shirts

—  tank tops

—  pajamas

—  athletic wear

—  bathing suits

—  leggings

—  jeans & shorts



How to Organize Dresser Drawers

My dresser is separated into nine drawers—six are narrow and three are wide drawers. I separate the six drawers by white socks, black socks, swimwear, bras, cotton underwear, and delicate underwear. The three wide drawers are separated by t-shirts and tank tops; pajamas and lounge wear; jeans, shorts, tights, and leggings.

IMG_1710 (1)


If you don’t own a dresser with different sized drawers, you can buy or create your own dividers to separate your clothing by category, like black socks and white socks, or bras and underwear, or t-shirts and tank tops.


If you don’t want to spend any money, you can cut a piece of cardboard to a desired size and place it as a divider between clothing.


If you do want to spend money, below is an excellent product to help you organize your clothing in dresser drawers.


Organizing Your Foldable Clothes

If I fold my tops, they pile on top of each other and I can’t see them, so I forget I own them… and then I never wear them! You might not think that’s a problem, but when you forget you own something, you might end up buying the exact same thing.


Instead of piling your clothes on top of each other, try rolling them and lining items next to each other.


T-shirt Before & After:


IMG_1699 (1)

Drawer Organization-01


Don’t forget:

  1. First, downsize your clothing.

  2. Then, separate by category.

  3. Finally, roll your clothes so that you can see each item.




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