How to Keep Your Clothes Organized When You Have Little or No Closet Space

How to Keep Your Clothes Organized When You Have Little or No Closet Space

How to Keep Your Clothes Organized When You Have Little or No Closet Space


Tiny Closet? No Problem!


When we moved into our current home, we noticed that the bedroom closets were itty-bitty. Thankfully, we have an entire extra room we can use as a walk-in closet, but one day it might turn into a little one’s bedroom. For now, though, we each store our clothes in our own dressers, the tiny closet, and two mobile clothing racks.


You can find clothing racks like these anywhere—The Container Store, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond. They’re fairly inexpensive and easy to assemble. And if you don’t have a large closet but have a bit of space in a room, a clothing rack serves as perfect way to organize your clothing.




In order to store as much as possible and keep things organized, we got creative by storing a shelf in the tiny closet (OK, maybe it’s more obvious than creative). My husband hangs his work shirts and suits in the closet, and stores his folded work out gear on the shelves.


img_3908 img_3906


I use a shelf as a place to fold and store my jeans and high heels. And if you want to be super frugal, like we try to be with organizational storage, just use what you already have or borrow what you might normally discard.


No, that feathery thing top left is not a creature from Jim Henson’s imagination; that’s just a fun leopard print and feather purse my mom bought me. Can’t get rid of that — it’s perfect for any outrageous costume!


Own or find a shelf that isn’t aesthetically appealing, or maybe is a bit chipped? Use it to store clothes in your closet—no one will ever see it, and as long as it’s functional, there’s no reason to trash it. In fact, if you want to have an adventure, go search for functional pieces in someone else’s trash! OK—don’t actually dig through someone else’s trash, but don’t be afraid of functional furniture people leave in an alley or by the side of the road. With a bit of soap and water, it can easily become a way to store your shoes, clothes, or bags.


So, if you have a small closet, add a shelf. If you have no closet, find a spot to store a mobile clothing rack. Most importantly, make sure you only own what you need and what you love wearing; don’t try to keep or organize clutter.




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