5 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Excess Glassware

5 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Excess Glassware

5 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Excess Glassware

One of the best parts of being a grown up is being able to enjoy a glass of wine with your friends without fear of your parents finding the empty bottles in your neighbors’ dumpster, amiright? Even though I’m much older than 21, I still get nervous when I hand over my ID to the cashier at the grocery store. Being able to drink legally is an excellent advantage of adulthood. But that doesn’t mean we need to hoard wine glasses.


If I had my way, I wouldn’t own any wine glasses; I’d just cozy up to a bottle of wine with a very long straw. Why waste time washing another dish?


But, we all live in the Real World, and the straw-IV is not socially acceptable.


So, what do you do with all of your wine glasses? You know, the ones that have piled up over the years—bridal shower, sales, birthdays, brewery tours, bachelorette parties. Should you keep or toss them?



  1. It’s ugly. We all have some wine glasses that are ugly—either they are cloudy or weirdly shaped or just don’t fit your style. Get rid of them.
  2. You have multiples. Trust me, you really don’t need 10 of the same wine glasses.
  3. It’s for a special occasion. You’re going to keep that wine glass around just for Christmas day? Come on. Ditch it.
  4. It’s for a specific type of wine that you never drink. You have burgundy wine glasses but only drink cabernet? Buh-bye.
  5. It was a gift from someone you loathe. Drinking wine should bring you so much joy and happiness. Every time your lips touch the glass, do you want to remember that person? I think not. Farewell, fiend.


Here’s what you should keep:

A hierarchy of wine glasses.
A hierarchy of wine glasses.

—  2 stemless glasses

—  2 standard glasses

—  2 flute glasses

—  2 chalice looking glasses for the king and queen of the castle (that’s you, my lady or lord)



Wait, but what about when I have people over?


If you have 6-7 guests over, you’re fine, and people like different types of glasses anyway. If you have more than 7 guests, buy some plastic wine glasses. No mess, no storage issues, no problem. Just make sure to recycle.


** Note: you can apply this philosophy to any adult beverage glass. Just switch out “wine” with your choice of alcohol. **


Personally, I own about 4 pinot noir glasses, 4 stemless glasses, and 2 big, beautiful chalices (and about 4 personalized wedding day glasses that I display in my china cabinet). And I always drink from the chalice, because I like to pretend I am either a queen or a Real Housewife of Orange County (who doesn’t?!).


Happy decluttering, and bottom’s up!


We take our wine very seriously around here.
We take our wine very seriously around here.



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