10 Free Ways to Give Back to Mom on Mother’s Day

10 Free Ways to Give Back to Mom on Mother’s Day

10 Free Ways to Give Back to Mom on Mother’s Day

It’s time to officially honor the woman who carried you in her womb for months, fed you and cleaned you, and somehow managed to “do it all” without totally losing her cool. I am always in awe of the woman who raised me, and the many mothers I know who are able to give so selflessly day after day. It’s time to give back and let these women know how much you appreciate them. Flowers aren’t gonna cut it!


Here are some ways you can actually give back to your mother on Mother’s Day:


1.) Clean her house. Hire a cleaning company or do it yourself—either way, this will greatly reduce your mother’s stress and make her happy. Chances are, even if she’s an immaculate housekeeper, she would like a day off. It’s so nice to have someone else scrub clean the mildew from your shower.


2.) Bake her breakfast. She did it for you all those years; don’t you think it’s high time you served her on a silver platter? Here are some delicious brunch recipes perfect for Mother’s Day.


3.) Write her a poem. My mother has received countless poems from me over the years, and I know she has loved every single one. It’s not about talent; it’s about taking the time to let your mother know how much you love her. You don’t have to master a sonnet to simply organize your loving thoughts. She’ll love it.


4.) Spend quality time with her. Carve out a full day to spend with her. Go for a walk. Sit outside and observe nature. Look at photo albums and reminisce.


5.) Be her Personal Assistant for the day. Get ahold of her To-Do list and accomplish all of her tasks. Dry-cleaning, groceries, bank… She ran errands for you all those years—time to pay her back.


6.) Learn one of her famous recipes. Take a Sunday to learn one of her famous recipes. Cooking and baking together is not only fun, but also it allows your mother to share her wisdom with you. She’ll feel appreciated and you’ll gain something, too.


7.) Interview her. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is recording your loved one’s life story. We feel special when people listen to us and want to know about our lives, and interviewing your mom not only makes her feel special, but also allows you to keep her around forever. It’s a great way to share a family history with generations to come.


8.) Give her a foot massage. Get out the plastic basin, essential oils and bath salt, and treat your mom to a massage. Nothing says love like washing and rubbing feet.


9.) Garden together. Gardening is a soul satisfying experience. What better time to garden together and watch things grow than spring?


10.) Ask her what SHE wants or needs. She’s spent her whole life taking care of other people’s needs… have you ever asked her what she needs?



If all else fails, just let Mom know you love her, cherish her, and need her… because it’s true.



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